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Affordable, reliable and convenient solar system installation for household and industrial use.

Solar Systems Installation

Solar energy is captured from the sun and then converted into electricity. We have 1.7KVA to 10KVA solar system installations to choose from depending on your energy requirement.

Technical Assistance

We also offer technical assistance on the go by offering full services on all our products and system installation, competent and capable of handling complex projects. We have products and services that are tailored to suit individual’s needs and our in- house experts are always available to provide support wherever and whenever its needed.

Irrigation Systems

We also do irrigation systems for agriculture and supply solar submersible pumps which directly converts solar energy into electrical energy, provides electrical energy to provide alternating current for the submersible pump, and then drives the motor to drive the water pump to pump water from deep wells, rivers, lakes and other water sources.

Delivery Services

We also do home deliveries for all our products; we come to you and give you personalized customer service that addresses your needs as an individual

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Reduce your dependency on traditional forms of energy and give yourself the autonomy to use clean energy today!