About Us

Alzanael Private Limited is a company based in Zimbabwe providing specialized services and solutions in renewable energy systems and design, as well as the assembling and distribution of solar energy products. In addition, we also do household and industrial solar systems installations allowing people to generate electricity in the comfort of their homes. We are also a premier supplier of solar water pumping and borehole systems for industrial and household use in the region. Alzanael Private limited is a leading organization with the ability to design, plan, develop, integrate, supply, and deploy solar energy products for household and industrial use. We have provided renewable energy solutions to customers in Zimbabwe and other African countries, as a means of reducing their dependency on traditional forms of energy and giving them the autonomy to use clean energy. Founded in 2020, the scope of our operational expertise is extremely broad and has allowed us to establish a strong presence across several industries from renewable energy, agriculture, mining and consulting in the related fields. We take an active part in our country’s development and contribute to its wellbeing, and we are very proud of this. We believe that renewable energy is way more than just a solution for climate change, but it puts the environment, humanity, and economic security first as such it is a huge enabler of the Sustainable Development goals.

Our Mission

To provide sustainable renewable energy solutions to enable communities and industries to generate their own electricity through sustainable solutions which are economically advantageous and up to the highest expectations of our customers and partners.

Our Vision

To be the leading renewable energy supplier while building our nation and the African region yet contributing to new opportunities for growth and development.

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Reduce your dependency on traditional forms of energy and give yourself the autonomy to use clean energy today!